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Horizon Partners, Ltd. is a private investment holding company which acquires and builds private companies. Horizon focuses on the acquisition of medium size companies that are privately held or divisions/subsidiaries of larger corporations. In general, the companies have a history of sales and earnings growth. On occasion, Horizon will consider turnaround situations. The purchase prices for such acquisitions are in the $3-50 million range.

Horizon's investment strategy is to build long-term equity value in its portfolio companies through strategic add-on acquisitions and improvements in operating performance. Given its investment orientation, Horizon gives management wide latitude in running the companies. Over time, Horizon provides management teams the opportunity to acquire significant direct ownership in its companies.

Founded by over thirty chief executives ("CEOs") who have built successful companies in diverse industries, Horizon acquires companies which are a good strategic fit with their backgrounds. After the acquisition, several of these CEOs serve as directors or advisors to the portfolio companies, thus enhancing value by consulting with management on critical issues facing the companies.