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Acquisition/Investment Criteria

Horizon Partners acquires companies with significant growth prospects and potential for above-average profitability.

  1. Company-Specific Characteristics
    • Product/Service Line
      • Proprietary product/service differentiation
      • Minimal fashion or "fad" content
      • Leadership position within market niches
      • Limited risk of technology obsolescence
      • Low cost producer
    • Strong Management Team
      • Significant industry experience
      • Successful financial track record
      • Desire for equity participation
    • Financial
      • Sales: $10-25 million range
      • Gross margins in excess of 25%
      • Profitable
    • Potential for synergistic acquisitions of companies in related businesses
  2. Industry Characteristics
    • Non cyclical
    • Competitive barriers to entry
    • Fragmented market/market share growth opportunities
    • International expansion opportunities
  3. Industry Preferences
    • Manufacturing, distribution, and service industries
    • Particular interest in companies in the food, specialty chemicals, packaging, general industrial, printing, consumer products, business and financial services, electronics, and plastics industries.
  4. Purchase Price
    • $3-50 million