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Acquisition History

Year   Company   Business   Location  
1991 Gelber Industries, Inc.* Industrial Pump Distribution Chicago, IL  
1992 R. W. Fox, Inc. (Gelber) Industrial Pump Distribution Philadelphia, PA  
1992   Surface Systems, Inc.*   Roadway Weather Information Systems    St. Louis, MO  
1993 Xymox Technologies, Inc. Membrane Switches Milwaukee, WI  
1994 Orval Kent Food Co., Inc.* Prepared Salads Wheeling, IL  
1994 Byerly Foods, Inc. (Orval Kent) Prepared Salads Dallas, TX  
1995 Weather Corporation of America (Surface Systems) Utility Weather Information St. Louis, MO  
1995 Image Conversion Systems, Inc.* Document Conversion Chicago, IL  
1996 Multiplex Display Fixture Co., Inc.* Display Fixtures St. Louis, MO  
1996 Mrs. Crockett's Kitchens, Inc.  (Orval Kent) Prepared Salads Fort Worth, TX  
1998 WinterQuest, LLC* Snowshoes Stowe, VT  
1998 Paneltec, Inc. (Xymox) Membrane Switches Santa Clara, CA  
1999 SilverCloud, Inc. (Xymox) Membrane Switches Middletown, NJ  
1999 Atlas Snow-Shoe Co. (WinterQuest) Snowshoes San Francisco, CA  
1999 Display Products Division of Raychem, Inc. (Xymox) Membrane Switches Sunnyvale, CA  
1999 Universal Blanchers, Inc.* Peanut Processer Peachtree City, GA  
2000 Seabrook Enterprises, Inc.                          (Universal Blanchers) Peanut Processer Sylvester, GA  
2000 Springbrook Mfg. Co. (WinterQuest) Snowshoes Grand Junction, CO  
2001 Lantor, Inc.* Non-woven Textiles Boston, MA  
2005 Climax Portable Machine Tools, Inc. Portable Machining Solutions Portland, OR  
2009 Monopanel Technologies, Inc. (Xymox) Membrane Switches Milwaukee, WI  
2009 Karl's Event Services, Inc.* Rental Equipment Milwaukee, WI  
2011 Bortech Corporation
(Climax Portable Machine Tools)
Portable Welding Equipment Colton, CA  
2011 Sunray Technologies
(Xymox Technologies)
Proprietary Inks Columbus, OH  
2011 Origen Medical Technologies
(Lantor (UK) Ltd.)
Non-Woven Wound Dressing Shanghai, China  
* Horizon Partners sold Gelber Industries in 1996, Image Conversion Systems in 1997, Multiplex Display Fixture Company in 1998, Orval Kent Food Co. in 2000, Surface Systems, Inc. in 2001, WinterQuest LLC in 2003, Universal Blanchers LLC in 2007, Lantor, Inc. in 2012, and Karl's Event Services, Inc./Climax Portable Machine Tools, Inc. in 2013.